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As a Creative person myself, I understand the agony of having a massive vision before it’s time, and trying to explain it to people in a language they understand and comprehend. Extremely challenging when how I’m getting it, is through metaphors or illustrations.  

I wrote about this in one of my blogs, and attached a video that demonstrates beautifully what I couldn’t say, until I saw this man do what he did onstage in front of hundreds of people.

Sarah's Tent blog post

Recently I watched a movie with Joe and his family that was made to look as though it were a futuristic movie made in the 80’s. One item in particular stuck out in my mind, and it was the idea of a video phone where people could talk to one another and see each other. Back in the day, those who were envisioning it, saw it as a phone, with a screen attached. (You know the kind … a regular, dial pad with a TV screen placed beside it on a clunky over-sized phone.) That concept was easy to grasp, but wouldn’t you know it – Apple swooped away that market with the first video chat through iPhone in a slim, pocket sized cell phone?  

While one group of inventors was approaching a desired outcome from one direction, Steve Jobs (a Creative) approached it from an entirely different angle, both artistically and practically. But no one knew what a cell phone was, so they would not have been able to picture it. But he worked behind the scenes, and changed the world forever with his vision.

For years, now, I’ve watched this vision grow in Joe and have seen it as though it has already occurred. He identified his mission really well with this …


Last Straw Farms is multi-faceted, and not just another farm education project. It’s so much more. Just like the clunky video-phone that was an obvious concept, Joe’s vision goes far beyond the obvious. We’re so thankful for your interest, love, and curiosity.  This early challenge in this dream may feel overwhelming, but it won’t stop Joe from fulfilling a need in the lives of young people and families … who are just at their “last straw” and want more in life.

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